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Crossbeam is a partner ecosystem platform that helps companies build more valuable partnerships. We act as an escrow service for data, allowing companies to find overlapping customers and prospects with their partners, while keeping the rest of their data private and secure.

Thousands of companies use Crossbeam to collaborate with partners and drive measurable results. Our free account mapping features, industry-leading network, and powerful Partner Cloud integrations make us the most powerful Partner Ecosystem Platform ever created.

Crossbeam and Cloud Software Association

Crossbeam is a proud supporter and member of the Cloud Software Association (CSA). CSA believes cloud software companies are deeply interconnected and every new application adds to the network's power — and we couldn't agree more. That's why we're passionate about helping companies build thriving partner ecosystems through the secure exchange of data.


Account Mapping

Forget over-sharing and slogging through spreadsheets. Instantly account map with partners to find and activate the data that matters.

Tech Partnerships

Know exactly which integrations to prioritize based on the number of mutual customers you share with potential tech partners.

Ecosystem Qualified Leads

Surface ecosystem qualified leads (EQLs) from your partner ecosystem and build a healthy pipeline for your sales team to pursue.

Channel Sales

Pick winners and broker warm intros. Crossbeam unlocks visibility into your strongest partners and how they compare to the rest — turning your ecosystem into a growth engine.


Evolve your co-marketing efforts from educated guesses to scalable results. Use partner insights across campaigns to influence conversion at every customer stage.


  • Kit Wetzler
    VP of Sales, Bigeye

    Crossbeam is such a game changer for partnering with other sales teams.
  • Chris Lavoie
    Tech Partnerships Lead, Gorgias

    For Crossbeam-related deals where we’re getting partner influence, the close rate goes up to 50 – 60%.
  • Dante Gordon
    Partner Sales Director, Salesloft

    So far this year, it’s helped my team add $10M ARR in pipeline.


Unlimited! No matter which plan you choose, you are able to connect with as many partners as you wish. Ecosystem is everything.
You’ll save on average ~10% by going with an annual plan v. monthly.