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How to Build an Engaged Channel Partner Program From Scratch

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Allbound is a SaaS Partner Relationship Management (PRM) platform that gives its customers visibility into predictable channel revenue, indirect and direct pipeline, and insight into partner engagement and adoption. With Allbound, you have the ability to monitor, understand, and track partner behavior so you can measure, iterate, and improve.


Channel Sales

Guide partners in an automated, accurate, and expedited sales cycle.

Channel Marketing

Evolved processes and organization for stronger partner marketing.

Partner Experience Automation

Give partners the ability to efficiently and independently function within your portal.

Partner Engagement Cycle

Allbound offers flexible features that empower partner managers through each phase of the cycle.


  • Matt Irving image

    Matt Irving
    Senior Manager of Partner Operations, WP Engine

    With Allbound we’re not only able to categorize our partners, but we can also focus on their onboarding experience, as well as equipping them with the resources they need throughout their partner life cycle.
  • Katelyn Gillet image

    Katelyn Gillet
    Channel Partner Manager, Garland Technology.

    Allbound’s analytics have allowed us to closely monitor which partners are consuming content and completing the training and onboarding we create.
  • Karyn Pastorino image

    Karyn Pastorino
    Director Global Channel Marketing, Cambium

    Allbound provides Cambium, and in turn, our partners, a one-stop-shop for our partners’ needs.


Most businesses have a customer relationship management (CRM) solution that manages and monitors the details of that customer and follows the life cycle of interactions. A Partner Relationship Management (PRM) solution extends a CRM to include “P” for Partner and so provides the details of the partner that sits between customer and vendor and all the relative interactions.  
We elegantly deliver visibility, automation and engagement. Allbound believes that your channel success drives our success, so we don’t charge you for adding additional partners or users.
Yes, you can be very granular in who sees what. Technical people see technical content and the marketing teams see the appropriate marketing collateral. You can also decide which partner types have access to what or even segment regionally as well. Allbound enables you to segment your users in many ways with multiple roles and levels so there is a very personalised approach. This way you know everyone is seeing the exact right content.